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Mesothelioma Nurses

Mesothelioma Nurses has partnered with Nursing Liaisons, Inc to bring information and services from experienced mesothelioma nurses to people diagnosed with mesothelioma and their families. Patients and families contacting with questions about a diagnosed case of mesothelioma can now be put in contact with Nursing Liaisons to address their medical questions and needs. Nursing Liaisons was founded by highly-skilled and educated thoracic nurses who recognized the need for a precise aftercare program that would not only treat patients medically but educate patients as to their unique journey with mesothelioma. Nursing Liaisons offers superior nursing skills in tandem with compassionate, dedicated nurses working to educate patients to a more meaningful understanding of their mesothelioma treatment and prognosis. The nurses at Nursing Liaisons have cared for hundreds of mesothelioma patients in the span of more than three decades. This vast experience helps inform the guidance, counseling and care they give to mesothelioma patients and their families.


Nursing Liaisons was formed on the premise “Like having a nurse in the family.” They have seen the effects of mesothelioma as staff nurses at a top 5 nationally ranked cancer hospital for decades. They know the toll that this disease can take on families. In 2007, recognizing a need, they formed a transitional care nursing program exclusively for mesothelioma patients, post-hospitalization. Nursing Liaisons has a driving passion to help the victims and families of this disease.

All of us at and Nursing Liaisons have seen the ravages left in mesothelioma’s wake. We have also seen the progress made with patients living with mesothelioma as a chronic disease. We consider it an honor to assist patients and families in any way that we can.

We know that navigating the health care system can be frightening and stressful when dealing with a diagnosis of mesothelioma. We can help.

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Get to Know These Experienced Mesothelioma Nurses:

Eleanor B. Ericson, RN, BSN

Ellie-EricsonIn 2007, Ellie co- founded Nursing Liaisons being keenly aware from her over 30 years of experience in bedside nursing that there was a need for post-facility care for patients released from the hospital. Mesothelioma patients and families have been a special interest of hers. Combining these two interests, Ellie started a pioneering program with mesothelioma patients post-hospitalization.

Getting to know patients, their families and their challenges has offered Ellie a unique opportunity, to support these patients on their mesothelioma journey. Ellie has completed a certification program in Health Care Coaching and certificates in Guided Care from Johns Hopkins and Transitional Care from the University of Pennsylvania. She has attended national and international conferences on mesothelioma. She is a graduate of Mount Auburn Hospital School of Nursing and Worcester State College.

Lisa Hyde-Barrett, RN

Lisa Hyde Barrett RN is co-founder and vice-president of Nursing Liaisons and an ICU surgical nurse with 25 years of experience at Brigham and Women’s Hospital a top 5 nationally ranked cancer hospital. Lisa continues to work with leading nationally-recognized surgeons who specialize in Thoracic patients diagnosed with mesothelioma. Lisa cares for patients diagnosed with mesothelioma that have traveled to the hospital from around the world, including from Europe, Asia, and North America. In her hospital practice, Lisa passionately advocates and cares for patients suffering from mesothelioma. Lisa also stays at the forefront of current mesothelioma treatment protocols and patient care by attending seminars and continuing education. Through her extensive experience caring for mesothelioma patients, she is a facilitator for the patient to help them maintain control and dignity over their treatment of their disease and to assist with the patient’s wishes. Lisa received her nursing degree from Laboure College.

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