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David McClain

David McClainDavid McClain is one of the partners at Kazan Law and the president of the Kazan Law Foundation, specializing in representing victims of asbestos exposure. He is especially notable for both his exceptional success rate and for the large damages and settlements from the cases he has litigated. He has never lost a case in either criminal or civil courts and has earned billions of dollars in compensation for his clients.

Mr. McClain is a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles and the University of California Hastings School of Law, where he earned his J.D. in 1972 as a member of the Thurston Society. He was admitted to the bar in 1972 and joined the Kazan Law team in 1983.

Having represented mesothelioma victims for four decades, Mr. McClain was involved in some of the landmark asbestos and mesothelioma cases in California. In 1989, he set the record for the largest asbestos compensation award at the time. He wins large awards for his clients, with both of his most recent individual verdicts reaching eight figures. In addition to the verdicts, Mr. McClain has personally entered into over $5,000,000,000 with asbestos producers and their insurers.

Mr. McClain is involved in a wide variety of legal organizations, including the American Association for Justice, the Asbestos Litigation Group, the National Lawyers Guild and Consumer Attorneys of California. He is also a former president and current member of the Board of Governors for the Alameda-Contra Costa Trial Lawyers Association and is a member of the Alameda County and California State Bar Associations.

In addition to his legal work, Mr. McClain also serves as the president of the charitable Kazan Law Foundation. The Foundation has donated more than $20 million to various causes, including over $6 million to help support mesothelioma research.

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