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Gordon Greenwood

Gordon GreenwoodSince 1998, Gordon Greenwood, a practicing attorney at Kazan Law, has provided exceptional legal representation to hundreds of victims who were in contact with asbestos through contaminated products or family members who were exposed to these dangerous toxins. Throughout the years, he has strategically assisted clients across the country who have worked in a variety of industries such as construction, power plants, military service, automobile maintenance/repair, and oil refineries. Mr. Greenwood has also handled numerous claims related to construction accidents and medical malpractice.

Since receiving his noteworthy degrees from Morehouse College and George Washington University School of Law, Mr. Greenwood worked as a trial attorney for the San Francisco Public Defenders Office prior to accepting a position at Kazan Law. During his eight-year tenure, he aggressively defended clients who were wrongly accused of criminal offenses by participating in many administrative proceedings, jury trials, and hearings near northern California. His ample experiences regarding the representation of criminal defendants greatly contributed to his success as a compassionate yet audacious lawyer. Moreover, he strongly believes that his influential role as an effective public defender provided the foundation to an unprecedented and rewarding legal occupation.

Alongside his career as a powerful attorney, Mr. Greenwood is an active member in the community. While pursuing pro bono cases involving elder financial abuse in San Francisco, he conducts countless stimulating lectures on topics concerning his practice. He also frequently supports various democratic politicians throughout the United States.

Mr. Greenwood is currently a distinguished member of the following organizations: Fremont High School Street Law Program, West Bay Local Development Corporation, Willie Brown Academy Career Symposium, Oakland Babe Ruth Baseball Association, Destined 2 Dance Performing Arts Company, Chabot Community College Daraja Project, and Northcoast Express AAU Basketball Association. He is also affiliated with these groups: National Bar Association, Consumer Attorneys of California, American Bar Association, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Charles Houston Bar Association, National Lawyers Guild, Alameda County Bar Association, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and Alameda/Contra Costa County Trial Lawyers Association.

Mr. Greenwood received his California law licensure in 1988.

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