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Jeffrey O’Connell, Esq.

Jeffrey O'Connell, EsqSince first being admitted to the Texas bar in 1994, Attorney Jeffrey O’Connell has been on a crusade to aid victims, whose health and life have been ruined due to exposure to toxic substances, including asbestos. Jeffrey joined the Nemeroff legal team because, “ . . . the firm has the deep resources to truly help people who need a champion when they are fighting the biggest battle of their lives.”

This passion for justice and the well being of clients has earned Jeff an integral position in the Nemeroff Law Firm’s national Toxic Tort practice. Jeff focuses his experience and skills on the discovery process and on organizing these complex cases to take to trial.

Jeff is the Nemeroff Law Firm’s “first responder” to potential Toxic Tort claims. When victims call the Nemeroff Law Firm about their injuries, Jeff evaluates the potential claim, answering any questions that the victims may have. Jeff’s intimate knowledge of the litigation process of Toxic Tort cases allows him to clearly and succinctly describe for each victim, what they can expect during the process.

He is a master of breaking down the complexity of a Toxic Tort suit into easily understandable stages; giving clients the peace of mind that their case is being expertly handled. This leaves victims free to focus on family and recovery.

Aside from work, Jeff enjoys volunteering with the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. Jeff’s volunteerism extends to his wife and young son, who often spend long hours working side by side with Jeff at Guild events.

Jeff’s guiding principal for life is to always have a positive impact on others. “It has always been important for me to be a positive guiding aspect in people’s lives, whether it be assisting our ill clients or teaching and helping those who may not have the advantages in life that we sometimes take for granted.”

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