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John Langdoc

John-LangdocJohn L. Langdoc is a partner at Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood in California and was most recently a trial lawyer and shareholder at Baron & Budd, P.C., in Texas.

Before becoming a lawyer, Langdoc attended Baylor College of medicine and was a scientist. He specialized in brain research. During graduate school, Langdoc expanded his research to study the effects of prescription drugs such as Prozac, to illustrate that mothers using such prescriptions birthed babies born with brain damage.

As a lawyer, Langdoc continues his legal practice directing his attention largely on scientific cases. He especially examines those surveys funded by industries that convey the hypothesis for safety of known industrial poisons. In 2015, on behalf of a California couple, Langdoc won affirmation that upheld a verdict of $48 million on the side of the mesothelioma patient and his wife. This victory for Langdoc occurred after the asbestos company’s many failed appeals. Legal 500 established the case as one of the nation’s most remarkable verdicts regarding toxins. The National Law Journal listed it among the year’s Top 100 Verdicts.

In addition to induction into the Texas Lawyer’s Verdicts Hall of Fame, Langdoc was validated in 2012 for having California’s highest verdict for toxic exposure, and placed first and second in 2011 for the largest Texas verdicts in product liability.

Langdoc was admitted into the Texas and California State Bars

Langdoc’s current trial achievements:

• A verdict of $48 million opposing the Union Carbide Corporation for responsibility involving cancer of a construction worker.
• A verdict of $9 million in opposition to the Dow Chemical Company for a chemical refinery exposing a laborer to carcinogens in Texas.
• A verdict of $12 million against a paper mill in Pennsylvania for a man’s exposure to carcinogens.
• A verdict opposing Georgia Pacific for $20 million for a woman’s exposure to asbestos and development of cancer from home products used in Koch’s auxiliary remodeling industries.
• A verdict of $8 million against a piping company of Ashland, Inc. for carcinogen exposure of a man’s wife.
• A verdict of $6 million opposing a Louisiana plant, Dow Chemical Company, for a man’s carcinogen exposure.
• A verdict of $5.5 million against Ericsson’s asbestos contaminated wire and cable for families on behalf of men exposed to carcinogens.
• A verdict of $11 million for a painter exposed to carcinogens.


• University of Houston Law Center
• Baylor College of Medicine
• Baylor University

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