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Moshe Maimon

Moshe MaimonMoshe Maimon is one of the partners at Levy Konigsberg LLP. He is an expert in complex personal injury cases, particularly those involving asbestos, mesothelioma and other toxic substances. His other specialties include commercial legislation, defective consumer products and consumer fraud, as well as pharmaceuticals and medical malpractice.

Since he joined the firm as a Brooklyn Law School student, which he graduated in 1986, he has been an important part of the LK team. As a partner, he supervises pharmaceutical cases as well as acts as one of the coordinators for commercial litigation. He is also the head of LK’s ERISA class-action section.

Moshe’s resume includes trying personally or in a team many landmark and precedent setting cases, as well as winning some of the highest damages awarded in the United States. He made history in 1996 when he won the first repetitive stress injury suit against a product manufacturer in Baltimore, Maryland.

His more recent accomplishments include researching, developing and successfully trying the first wrongful mesothelioma death lawsuit that held the largest industrial talc supplier liable in 2006 and winning both the trial and the appeal of a judgment against Exxon/Mobil worth over $10 million in 2007. The latter case also upheld the dual persona doctrine that has become a crucial piece of legal opinion on take-home asbestos exposure. Also in 2007, Moshe successfully won a $7 million case against a major New York City legal firm for a Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

His major mesothelioma-related cases include a 2008 judgment of over $40 million in favor of a family of an executive who was exposed to asbestos while working a summer job in college and a 2009 case when he successfully blocked an autopsy of a mesothelioma victim that violated the family’s religious beliefs and personal wishes by an asbestos-using auto brake parts manufacturer.

He has also represented Navajo Nation members against the companies that had abandoned uranium mines on the Reservation and headed LK litigation on behalf of former diet drug patients who were victims of heart valve damage.

In addition to his duties as a partner, Moshe has performed lectures concerning court admissibility standards for scientific evidence and other techniques and strategies for effective trial lawyers. He is a current member of the Bar in New York, New Jersey and Washington in both Federal and State courts.

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