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Rick Nemeroff

Rick NemeroffOver the years, Rick Nemeroff has always shown to his adversaries that he is a strong contender in any court case.

Rick has always had a passion for justice, fighting to defend the rights of individuals and families who have been wronged by the actions of corporations. He is highly dedicated to his work as an attorney and his clients can be confident that the man representing them is a true legal professional, combining aggressive litigation skills with human values of care and compassion towards those who have been harmed by corporations that are trying to evade taking responsibility for their actions.

Rick has succeeded in obtaining over $100,000,000 in verdicts for clients that he represented in mesothelioma cases. He always works hard when representing a client, understanding how serious every case is. Rick will stand up for people that have been injured by the practices corporations.

Rick isn’t an attorney who hides away in his office all day. He is very active in the courtroom, always being ready to bring cases to trial and serves as a trial attorney for various other law firms. He is licensed in the states of Texas, Pennsylvania, New York and Utah, but has the ability to represent victims in other state courts, as well as in federal courts.

His fellow attorneys know his abilities and respect him as one of the leading trial attorneys in the nation. He has gained recognition among his peers as an aggressive and effective attorney and often serves as lead counsel for trial teams in difficult cases. Not only that, but he also finds the time to teach other attorneys tactics that they can use to win their cases at trial. Rick has been invited to speak at various legal conferences around the nation and has written numerous articles for legal publications. He is not afraid to use the latest in technology to go head to head with corporations that have nearly unlimited resources.

Rick holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He has obtained a Juris Doctorate from the Hofstra University School of Law in Hempstead, NY. He was first admitted to the New York bar in 1993, then admitted to the bar in Texas in 2000, Pennsylvania in 2008 and Utah in 2012. Before he founded his own firm, he has served as a trial attorney for numerous law firms all over America.

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