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Steven Kazan

Steven KazanSteven Kazan, the founding partner of Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood, is a well-known and highly respected litigator who has successfully represented thousands of workers who were affected by asbestos. Mr. Kazan filed his first asbestos case in 1974 and has been working on asbestos related cases for the last forty years.

Most of his practice relates to helping workers who have filed suit against their employers for asbestos related injuries. His goal is to ensure that the proper justice is served and that victims get the assistance and compensation that they deserve.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court appointed Mr. Kazan to be a member of nearly all asbestos bankruptcy reorganizations. A few of these reorganizations were: Amatex, Carey Canada, Celotex, W.R Grace, Fibreboard, Owens Corning, Special Electric, and many more. In just about all approved reorganizations, Kazan was approved by the Federal Court to serve on the Trustees’ Advisory Committee to work on behalf of asbestos victims.

Kazan has regularly lectured and participated at various asbestos focused legal, medical and insurance conferences worldwide and has lobbied and testified in Congress and before the Senate and House Judiciary Committees regarding asbestos legislation and litigation.

Before he started the firm in 1974 in Oakland, CA, Kazan served as an Assistant to the General Counsel of the Interstate Commerce Commission, located in Washington D.C. He served in this role for about two years before working as an associate at Werchick and Werchick in San Francisco, CA.

He holds a LL.B. Degree from Harvard University and an A.B. Degree from Brandeis University.

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